The Journey Begins

Birthing four “roommates” was never the plan. Living this life “single”, well, we never believe it could happen to us. Take a walk in my shoes, see how 3 boys and 1 little princess, with very different personalities and attitudes towards momma, make this life a journey to live for.

Home life is a battlefield covered in toys, jackets, backpacks, the occasional cup or bottle spilled on the floor and the beautiful sounds of yelling at the top of the lungs. These days are the norm for the family of FIVE that reside between these apartment walls. It can only get better, right?

Parenting alone is like an ocean. One day it’s calm and quiet, the next it’s chaotic and stormy. An endless journey of emotions covered in trial and error is the best experience a person could have. Everyday is unpredictable but definitely worth living for. When life gives you your journey, sit back, take a breath and enjoy the choppy waters of parenting.

An endless journey!